23 January 2019, Sofia Hotel Balkan
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The event

Capital weekly in partnership with the Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Drug Verification Organization and the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union, is organizing a conference under the title "National System for Medicines Verification - a Guarantee for Your Safety" on January 23rd, 2019.

After February 10th, 2019, a new medicinal product verification system, fully funded by the pharmaceutical sector, will operate in the countries of the European Union that completely prevents counterfeit medicines from entering the drug supply chain and increases patient security and safety. In Bulgaria, the system is already in place and on the eve of its full implementation it is necessary to promote the main benefits it brings to society and to citizens and to discuss the challenges from the point of view of legislators, government, regulators, industry, distributors, pharmacists and patients.
To participate in the event, we will invite the MPs from the Parliamentary Health Commission, the Minister of Health, the Executive Director of the Bulgarian Drug Agency, as well as our EMVO partners and patients' organizations.

Capital newspaper closely monitors the pharmaceutical sector processes for nearly 15 years by publishing daily and periodical content, annual analyzes, organizing discussion clubs and conferences with the participation of all stakeholders in the sector.
We will be honored you to join the conference with our respected partners to promote this so significant process.

When and Where:
January 23, 2019, Sofia Hotel Balkan



  • Deyan Denev

    Deyan Denev Director Association of Research-based Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Bulgaria (ARPharM Bulgaria)

    Deyan Denev is heading the Association of Research-based Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Bulgaria since October 2003. He has a legal education from Sofia University and is an expert in pharmaceutical legislation and pharmaceutical policy. As Director of the association he is leading the advocacy activities of R&D pharmaceutical industry in Bulgaria on key issues regarding pharmaceutical policy, regulatory environment, intellectual property, pharmaceutical market development.
    He was a member of the Supervisory Board of the National Health Insurance Fund on behalf of the Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria from January 2014 to January 2015.
    Between 2008 and 2013 he was a representative of the pharmaceutical industry in the Transparency Commission, which is an appeal body for all piecing and reimbursement decisions in Bulgaria. He is a co-chair of the Central and Eastern European Task Force of EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations).
    In 2019 Mr. Denev is chairing the Bulgarian Medicines Verification Organization.
  • Andreas M. Walter

    Andreas M. Walter General Manager EMVO

    After his studies of Administration Sciences at the University of Constance in Germany, Andreas M. Walter joined EFPIA, the European Federation of the researched-based pharmaceutical industry, in September 1993 as Executive for Administration and Finance. From 2011 onwards, he was responsible as Project Director to ensure that EFPIA members can comply with the safety features requirements of the Falsified Medicines Directive in the most effective way, i.e. by setting up of a stakeholder-governed pan-European verification model (EMVS). After the incorporation of the European Medicines Verification Organisation (EMVO) in February 2015, he also headed the organisation ad interim in order to manage the European hub that will connect to a series of national data repositories serving as the platform to allow the verification of authenticity of medicines anywhere in the supply chain within the EU/EEA. On 1st April 2016, he was appointed as General Manager of EMVO representing now definitely the organisation.     
  • Bogdan Kirilov, MScPharm

    Bogdan Kirilov, MScPharm Executive Director, Bulgarian Drug Agency

  • Iliana Paunova

    Iliana Paunova CEO, Bulgarian Medicines Verification Organisation (BgMVO)

  • Prof. Ilko Getov

    Prof. Ilko Getov Chairman of the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union

  • Prof. Assenа Stoimenova

    Prof. Assenа Stoimenova Member of the Management Board of the European Medicines Agency, member of the CHMP (Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use)

  • Ketty Tsvetkova

    Ketty Tsvetkova General Manager, KeVaRo Group EOOD

  • MD. Stanimir Hasurdjiev

    MD. Stanimir Hasurdjiev Chairman, National Patients’ Organization of Bulgaria (NPO)

  • Kountcho Trifonov

    Kountcho Trifonov MD Manager at Health PR

    Kountcho Trifonov, MD, MBA is healthcare and pharmaceutical sector professional with 6 years of experience as GM of biopharmaceutical company (NV Organon -1997-2003) and more than 14 years of experience as GM of healthcare and pharmaceutical sector servicing company (IMS Health – 2003-2017), along with 6 years of experience as academic teaching physician as Assistant Professor in Internal Medicine (1991-1997). The strong assets of Dr. K. Trifonov include but are not limited to complex consulting projects management, extensive data collecting and processing projects, client servicing outsourcing processes, call centers management, sales force effectiveness consulting and efficacy improvements. Recent involvement of Dr. K. Trifonov – numerous projects in Digital Healthcare and in detail in digital communication tools with HCP for pharmaceutical industry.


Draft Agenda

23 January 2019 - Hotel Balkan Sofia

8.30 Registration and Welcome coffee
9.00 Official opening - Dr. Daniela Daritkova, Chairman of the Parliamentary Healthcare Committee, Ministry of Health (p), Bogdan Kirilov, Bulgarian Drug Agency Executive Director, Iliana Paunova, BgMVO Executive Director

First Panel 

09.15 "Common European Medicines Verification System" - Andreas Walter, Director of EMVO

09.45 "National Verification System - Medicines Safety Guarantee" - Iliana Paunova, Executive Director of BgMVO

10.00 "Anti-Counterfeit Medicines Legislation" - Dr. Boyko Penkov, Deputy Minister of Health

10.15 "Regulatory aspects of the serialization of medicinal products" - Bogdan Kirilov, Bulgarian Drug Agency Exec-
utive Director
10.30 "System Implementation Challenges in Bulgaria" - Ketty Tsvetkova, President of the Bulgarian QP Associ-
10.45 "How the System Works" - Venelin Dimitrov, General Manager of Softgroup
11.00 "The Verification System - Patient Safety Guarantee" – Dr. Stanimir Hasurdjiev, President of the National
Patient Organization
Moderator: Kountcho Trifonov, MD, MBA, Manager of Health PR

11.15 – 11.45 Coffee Break

Second Panel

11.45 - 12.45 Panel Discussion with the conference participants

Dr. Boyko Penkov, Deputy Minister of Health

Bogdan Kirilov, Bulgarian Drug Agency Executive Director

Iliana Paunova, BgMVO Executive Director

Deyan Denev,  Association of Research-based Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Bulgaria (ARPharM Bulgaria) ExecutiveDirector

Prof. Ilko Getov, Chairman of the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union

Ketty Tsvetkova, President of the Bulgarian QP Association

Dr. Stanimir Hasurdjiev, President of the National Patient Organization

ModeratorProf. Asena Stoimenova, PhD, Medical University - Sofia

12.45 Closing



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