3 October, Hotel Imperial Plovdiv
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The event

The Industry 4.0 story is not a story about robots, software or data. It is a story about change: from low-cost labour intensive to high-cost automated production. It is also about efficiency and using the digital world to inform better decisions on the manufacturing floor and achieve better results. It is about flexibility and adaptability. It is about exploiting the potentials of new technologies creatively.

Bulgaria’s place in this worldwide trend is still uncertain. On the surface the country ranks 27th of 28 states in terms of penetration of digital technology in the economy and society, and less than one in ten companies here rank as “highly digitised”. But look closer and you notice a rapidly growing industrial base with a strong heritage, a lively business environment and ever-stronger specialisation in key industries such as IT and automotive.

2019 will also be a pivotal year for the industrial sector in the country. It is set to host its first automotive manufacturing plant, should it win a Volkswagen bid for relocation in early summer.

Industry 4.0 is not a concept achieved in full anywhere, but a learning process in new technologies, new frameworks of thinking and new leadership strategies.

The Event
Nowhere is this more visible than Plovdiv - the industrial heartland of the country. The Fourth Annual Industry 4.0 Forum is one of the major industrial conferences in South East Europe and a key event focusing on the digital transformation of manufacturing in the region. It brings together business and policy leaders in Bulgaria and the region to showcase the innovators and the industrial champions which are already shaping the future.

Why Attend
- A showcase of best practices and lessons learned in digital transformation from the industry leaders across Europe
- A strong networking platform among the manufacturing ecosystem, policy makers, and experience-rich consultants

Topics in 2019
- The 2019 industrial backdrop: Digital disruption or digital evolution
- Smart Factories and Smart Operation: Case studies
- 5G: Rollout Plans and Impact on Industry
- Data-Driven Services for Manufacturing
- Beyond manufacturing: Digital transformation across the value chain
- Cybersecurity: Managing digital risk
- Advancing the financial and policy frameworks for manufacturing innovation

When and Where
3 October 2019


  • Rosen Plevneliev

    Rosen Plevneliev President of Bulgaria (2012 - 2017), Member of the Board of Directors, AUTOMOTIVE CLUSTER BULGARIA

  • Andras Kadocsa

    Andras Kadocsa Partner, MCKINSEY & COMPANY

    András Kadocsa is a Partner, co-leader of McKinsey Digital Manufacturing, McKinsey’s global initiative on Industry 4.0. Since joining the Firm in May 2007, he has served automotive OEMs and suppliers, industry and energy clients. He focuses on Industry 4.0 / digital manufacturing transformation, operational performance improvement, product and production design and long term strategy planning
  • Prof. Dr. Sama Mbang

    Prof. Dr. Sama Mbang Head of Digitalization & Simulation of Manufacturing Load Cases, DAIMLER

    Prof. Dr.-Ing Mbang is Head of Digitalization & Simulation of Manufacturing Load Cases in the TecFactory of Mercedes-Benz Cars Operations (Daimler AG). He is high-level expert in digital transformation and digitalization technologies, covering topics such as AI, Big Data, IoT, VR/AR, etc. and their applications for example in autonomous systems, industry 4.0, MES, Digital/Virtual Engineering & Manufacturing, etc. He is coordinator of the Horizont2020 EU funded project ALLIANCE (Affordable Lightweight Automotive Alliance), with the support of EUCAR (European Car Automotive R&D). He has studied Mechanical Engineering, deepened in Technical Informatics, Multi Body Systems and Neural Networks and got his PhD in modeling intelligent and integrated process chains. He is lecturer at the Technical Institute Sofia (Bulgaria) and at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany). He is an executive Coach in the area of transformational Leadership and agile organization covering architecture, governance, people development and agile mindset & methods In is "free" time, he is promoting a "Digital-Transformation Alliance", to accelerate the adoption and mastering of digital transformation and engineering for a sustainable inclusive digital economy.
  • Jair Ribeiro

    Jair Ribeiro Senior Artificial Intelligence Business Strategist, VOLVO GROUP

    Jair Ribeiro has several years of experience in high technologic environments in Europe, where he has been leading teams and projects in companies like Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and IBM. He is currently leading, inspiring and helping the Volvo Group to innovate through the power of Artificial Intelligence, with a broad technical background and relevant experience in Business Analysis, Solution Design, Management, and Consulting. Performing his role of AI Evangelist, Jair has been a very active speaker, present in several international Conferences and Summits, always engaged in popularizing not only Information Technology but also Leadership, Multiculturalism, and Career Management skills.
  • Ivan Totev

    Ivan Totev Mayor of Plovdiv

    Eng. Ivan Totev holds a Master's degree of Engineering with Diploma from Technical University Sofia, speciality Computer Systems and Technologies. Also in May 2010 he graduated from the Faculty of Law at Plovdiv University "Paisiy Hilendarski", speciality Public Administration, Master's degree. He received excellent mark for his Thesis on "Regional policies of the European Union on security and stability. The Black Sea Synergy – the new EU initiative in the Black Sea region". Ivan Totev started his career in 1997 as a graphic designer in a Publishing House. From 2001 to 2004 he worked as Project Manager in a software company. From 2004 to 2007 he was a Technical Director in a hotel complex. In November 2007 he became mayor of District "East" at Plovdiv Municipality. From August 2009 to October 2011 he was the Governor of Plovdiv Region. In October 2011 he was elected Mayor of Plovdiv as a candidate from PP GERB. Four years later he was re-elected for a second mandate.


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