25 March, March 25, 2020, Sofia Hotel Balkan, Sredetz Hall, Sofia, Bulgaria
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The event

15th National Conference on e-Health

Digitalization in the Health Sector - Characteristics and Opportunities

Under the honorary aegis of the Bulgarian Healthcare Parliamentary Committee of the 44th National Assembly

With the cooperation of: Bulgarian Medical Association and Bulgarian Red Cross

The digital revolution has radically changed many areas of our daily life including the healthcare system. Emerging technologies and approaches in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry can dramatically improve and contribute to the efficiency, sustainability and economic growth of the sector. Technology innovations in the health industry have gained the trust of both healthcare professionals and patients. At the same time the expectations for digitalized systems and services that depend directly on European and national policies and strategies have also increased.
For the 15th consecutive year, the organizer of the National eHealth Conference will focus on the latest innovations in the sector and will show the perspective of established healthcare and pharmaceutical leaders and will provide an opportunity to exchange views and ideas between professionals and experts from the sector, government representatives and patient organizations.

When and Where:
March 25, 2020, Sofia Hotel Balkan, Sredetz Hall, Sofia, Bulgaria

Audience:200 + Representatives of the health sector in the country Representatives of the public and private healthcare organizations, including hospitals, clinics, sanatoriums, laboratories and medical centers – CEOs, GMs, IT managers and CIOs, Medical Managers,Administrative Managers. Representatives of health-insurance companies and funds – General Managers, Managing Directors, Administrative, Operative, Financial and IT Managers Representatives of state structures – political decision-makers, heads of ministry directorates, heads and CEOs of health-insurance funds, social security institutes, MPs Representatives of clinical laboratories


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