5 March, Sofia Hotel Balkan, Royal Hall, Sofia, Bulgaria
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Държавна агенция за електронно управление NALAS NDB/IBM Акстър

The event

21st Conference on E-Government
"Effective and Secure e-Governance"
5 March, Sofia Hotel Balkan, 5 Sveta Nedelya Square, Sofia, Bulgaria, Royal Hall

Organizers: ICT Media, Капитал & ISACA Sofia Chapter

Under the honorary aegis of Mariyana Nikolova, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic and Demographic Policy; Chairwoman of the Cybersecurity Council

With the cooperation of: State e-Government Agency, National Association of the Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria, NALAS

Information and communication technologies permanently entered into all areas of social and economic life, and at the same time, the expectation of the citizens and the business for the digital transformation of public institutions continue to grow. In order to meet them, as well as to reflect the developments of the regulatory and institutional framework for e-governance on local and European level after 2014, last Summer the Cabinet adopted an Updated Strategy for the Development of Electronic Governance in the Republic of Bulgaria 2019-2023, together with an Updated Roadmap for its Implementation and the Concept for Registry Reform.

The changes address the current challenges associated with the dynamic digital environment, as it is explicitly stated in the Updated Roadmap that "it is expected that every citizen will be able to communicate effectively with the public administration electronically by receiving easily, securely and reliably personalized administrative services."

In addition, the large-scale cyber-incidents over the past year, which also affected the state administration, have drawn the public's attention to the cybersecurity of public information systems, while network and information security has become one of the top priorities of the administration. In this regard, it became imperative for the state institutions to align their activities with the Ordinance for the Minimum Requirements for Network and Information Security before November 26, 2019, to protect e-Governance from digital challenges.

What lies ahead of national e-governance until 2023, what's the current stage of the public administration's digitization, what are the good examples of technological solutions applicable to the sector, how will the institutions ensure the information security and protection are among the topics of the 21st edition of the National e-Government Conference.

Traditionally the conference has been organized in cooperation with State e-Government Agency, National Association of the Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria, Ministry of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications, Network of Associations of Local Authorities in South-East Europe (NALAS).

The targeted audience of the event is as follows: ministers, deputy ministers, chief secretaries and IT directors of state agencies, district governors, mayors and deputy mayors, IT specialists of the Bulgarian administrations and representatives of leading worldwide and Bulgarian companies in the field of the ICT sector.


  • Mariyana Nikolova

    Mariyana Nikolova Deputy Prime Minister for Economic and Demographic Policy; Chairwoman of the Cybersecurity Council

    Mariyana Nikolova was voted in office as Deputy Prime Minister for Economic and Demographic Policy on 21 November 2018 by the 44th National Assembly. Since May 2017 she is chief of staff of the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic and Demographic Policy. Lecturer at the Public Administration Institute at the Council of Ministers. She graduated with a Master’s degree in Law from the New Bulgarian University and established herself as a jurist with considerable experience in the public sector. Mariyana Nikolova has acquired Master’s degrees in "Public Administration and Administrative Practices" and "Law of the European Union" from the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", as well as a Master’s degree in "Economic Management" from Veliko Tarnovo University "St. St. Cyril and Methodius". Shas participated in a number of trainings and specializations in EU member states and at the EIPA - European Institute of Public Administration, the Netherlands; Diploma in "European Union Law", France, "HAUS" - Finnish Institute of Public Management, the European Academy on Taxes, Economics, and Law, Germany, as well as in Austria and the United Kingdom. She has considerable contribution to the drafting of the currently functioning legal base in the field of administrative service of the Republic of Bulgaria. She was a lawyer with the Sofia Bar Association, as well as a juristconsult at "Toploficatsia Sofia" SMLLC. She has served at various expert positions with the Ministry for the State Administration and Administrative Reform. She has worked in leadership positions, including as a Director of Directorate "Legal and Regulatory Affairs" at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. She was also selected for a member of the Management Board of the State Fund "Agriculture". She has worked at the State Agency for metrology and technical supervision at the Ministry of Economy. She served as Head of Unit "Contractual and Legal Protection" at the "National Electrical Company" SMLLC.
  • Yordanka Fandakova

    Yordanka Fandakova Mayor, Sofia Municipality

    In 2009 Yordanka Fandakova was elected as mayor of Sofia and was re-elected for a fourth consecutive term in the 2019 mayoral elections. Her career path also includes the posts of Minister of Education, Youth and Science, member of the 41 National Assembly, Deputy Mayor of Sofia Municipality, responsible for education, culture, sports and dependency prevention, Principal of 73 Secondary School for foreign languages "Vladislav Gramatik" in Sofia. She holds a degree in Russian Philology from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" and, in addition to her many specializations, has a degree in Business Administration and Management in Education.
  • Vladimir Danailov

    Vladimir Danailov Deputy Mayor for Digital Transformation, Innovation and Economic Development,Sofia Municipality

  • Atanas Temelkov

    Atanas Temelkov Chairperson of the State e-Government Agency (S.E.G.A)

    Atanas Temelkow is a graduate of the Higher Military School in Shumen, profile "Artillery instrumental reconnaissance" -"Geodesy, cartography and photogrammetry Engineer" and the Military academy "Georgi Sava Rakovski", specialty Management automation. From 1978 to 1984 he held management positions in the Bulgarian Army. From 1986 he was appointed as Senior Assistant Head of the Automation Management Department at General Directorate "Armament and Equipment", the Ministry of Defense. From 1992 to 1998 he was Head of the TIL Automation Department of the Bulgarian Army. Since 1998 he has occupied Head of "Information Systems" Department position and from 2000 to 2011 he was appointed Deputy Head of the General Directorate "Communication and Information Systems" in the General Staff of the Bulgarian Army and Deputy Director in the Ministry of Defense. From 2011 to 2016 he is Deputy Executive Director of the Executive Agency "Electronic Communications Networks and Information Systems" (EA ECNIS) to the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications. Since December 2016 he is a Chief Secretary of the State e-Government Agency. Atanas Temelkov managed teams for elaboration of number of conceptual and strategic documents on e-Government, planning and implementation of projects of automation of management processes, communication and information systems, in the area of national security. He took part in international working groups and exercises of NATO and the EU. He was also a Member of the Board of Directors on information and communication systems of NATO. By Ordinance of the Council of Ministers dated December 28th, 2017 he was appointed Chairperson of the State e-Government Agency from January 15th, 2018.
  • Silvia Georgieva

    Silvia Georgieva Executive Director, National Association of the Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria

  • Irena Parvanova

    Irena Parvanova Director, Managing Authority of Operational programme "Good Governance"

  • Dr. Aleksander Jevšek

    Dr. Aleksander Jevšek Mayor of the Municipality of Murska Sobota, Slovenia; President of the Association of Municipalities and towns of Slovenia

    Aleksander Jevšek, Ph.D. in Law, was elected as Mayor of the City Municipality Murska Sobota in 2014. He is also the President of the Association of Municipalities and Towns of Slovenia which is a Full Member of Network of Associations of Local Authorities of South-East Europe (NALAS). He is a Member of the Slovenian Delegation to the European Comittee of the Regions since 2015. After different leadership posts in Slovenian Police Jevšek retired in 2011 as a Director of Criminal Police Directorate at the General Police Directorate of Slovenia. From 2012 until 2014 he worked as an international expert in the EU-funded project "EU Support to Law Enforcement" in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Jenny Boneva

    Jenny Boneva Vice President and Chapter Lead of SheLeadsTech, ISACA – Sofia Chapter

    Jenny Boneva has more than 14 years of experience in the areas of Information Technologies and Information Security, IT Audit and Compliance, Data Protection and IT Governance. Her career started as IT consultant/ Advisor and Auditor in one of the Big 4 leading firms in the accounting and consulting industry. Later, she focused her professional development on Information Security in the financial sector. She manages worldwide recognized certificates CISA issued by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) in the area of audit, control, monitor and assess an organization’s information technology and business systems and CISSP certificate issued by ISC2 (International Information System Security Certification Consortium) focused on Information Security. Additionally, she has certificates related to the areas of Cybersecurity and Computer Forensics. Currently, she is Vice president and chapter lead of of SheLeadsTech, ISACA – Sofia Chapter
  • Marcin Matuszewski

    Marcin Matuszewski Senior Support Engineer, Axence

    There is no question related to Axence solutions that he would be unable to answer. Working in the ICT sector for 12 years now, he is always ready to face technical challenges - and much more. Within the IT infrastructure management he is also interested in the business context, i.e. how the modern helpdesk services can support streamlining the finances of companies and organizations. An Axence expert in the industry media. He gathered experience in the authorized Apple support unit, where he cooperated both with individual and business clients, and also offered business training. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Metals Engineering and Industrial Computer Science at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków with a major in Applied Computer Science: Modelling and IT Technologies. Efficient problem solving is the source of greatest satisfaction for him. As he admits, he simply enjoys helping other people.
  • Gergana Koleshanska

    Gergana Koleshanska Director, Strategies and Policies for е-Government Directorate, State e-Government Agency

  • Mariana Tsvyatkova

    Mariana Tsvyatkova Director, Electronic Identification Directorate, State e-Government Agency

  • Ivan Modev

    Ivan Modev Director, Budgetary Control and Project Implementation Directorate, State e-Government Agency

  • Nikolay Minev

    Nikolay Minev Director, Unified System Integrator Directorate, State e-Government Agency

  • Nikolay Petrov

    Nikolay Petrov Director, Unified System Operator Directorate, State e-Government Agency

  • Vasil Grancharov

    Vasil Grancharov Director, Network and Information Security Directorate, State e-Government Agency

  • Vasil Vasilev

    Vasil Vasilev Director General, Control, administrative-penal activity and operation Directorate General, State e-Government Agency

  • Dilyan Mlazev

    Dilyan Mlazev Mayor, Elena Municipality

  • Alexander Petkov

    Alexander Petkov Director of Innovations and R&D, Acstre Software Group

    Alexander Petkov teaches "Informatics and Software Science" at the Technical University of Sofia. He has a PhD degree in "Informatics and computer science" from the Technical University of Sofia, a Master’s degree in "Technology Entrepreneuership and Innovation in IT" from the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" and a Bachelor degree in "Computer Engineering" from the Technical University of Sofia. Alexander Petkov has been working at the Acstre Software Group for 15 years. There he leads the development of innovations and new software products. He has been the manager of many of projects, including the "Development of a Centralized Information System for Management and Control of the Execution of SCF Projects" (E-Podem) in 2014 for NAMRB, development of an "Information System for Energy Efficiency and Green Economy Programme (EEGEP) Projects" for the Ministry of Economics in 2012, "A System for Registration, Evaluation and Monitoring of EFF Projects" for the NAFA, "Development of ACSTRE GIS" and many more. He has participated in the definition of the "National Interface for Data Exchange between the National Systems for Project Management" in the years 2009-2010.
  • Novica Ninic

    Novica Ninic Application Modernization & Integration Sales Leader, Central & Eastern Europe IBM Cloud & Cognitive Software

    Novica is a senior professional in IT Industry with 15 years of experience of working with clients on their road of business digitalization. After graduating at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Novica have started career in Telco and IT system integration where he progressed from junior engineer up to CTO. During that time he gained significant experience in complex projects, including consulting and executive roles. After experience in system integration, Novica continued career in IBM in 2015. where he have hold various positions. Most recently Novica is Application Modernization & Integration Leader for Central and Eastern Europe at IBM Cloud & Cognitive Software, helping clients to get most of the digital transformation, throughout the region.



Registration and Welcome Coffee

Official Opening

Session 1: E-Government current priorities and regulatory changes
« The Updated Strategy for the Development of Electronic Governance in the Republic of Bulgaria 2019-2023, the Updated « Roadmap for its Implementation and the Concept for Registry Reform - strategic goals and expected development
« Best foreign practices for successful e-governance
« Technological solutions, applications, and platforms for the public sector
« Security and protection of the public administration's electronic databases. Internal rules for the long-term storage of electronic documents by administrative authorities - level of implementation
« Modern technologies and open data - the key to the development of e-Governance
« Electronic administration - leveraging State Hybrid Private Cloud (HCDP) capabilities by the administrations

Session 2: Modern e-Government Services for the Citizens and the Business
« REGIX - latest news and upcoming initiatives regarding the Registry Information eXchange system
« Operational Programme "Good governance" - projects in development, challenges, opportunities, expected results
« The project for Upgrading the horizontal and central e-Governance systems in connection with the implementation of the « Single model for request, payment, and delivery of e-Services
« The e-Gov portal - latest news and upcoming developments
« Digital platforms and tools for improved services and interaction between citizens, business and central and municipal administration
« Geographic information systems - an ally of the modern e-Government
« E-government services in the context of increased need of information security

Session 3: Digital tools and innovations at the heart of e-governance
« Electronization of the administration - state and expected development
« Platform automated provision of data from the Property Register, including the Information System for Municipal Tax Services - requirements and procedure of subscription to the service
« Electronic procurement through the Centralized Automated Electronic Procurement Information System - organization, readiness, level of efficiency, security
« Intelligent digital solutions for effective response to disasters and emergencies
« Local and foreign successful models for effective municipal development
« Electronic management and control systems for the administration



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