12 April 2017, Sofia Event Center
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The event

How Should Schools of Today Prepare the Youngsters for Tomorrow?

The possibility pupils of today may have to one day start working a job that does not exist today is increasing with every year passing. Companies looking at the future have long insisted on hiring employees with analytical and flexible skills – allowing them to adapt to a constantly changing environment. According to the World Economic Forum among the most important skills needed for the jobs of 2020 are complex problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, emotional
intelligence and the ability for opinion and decision making.
Parents of today are convinced their children should have much more than simple theoretical knowledge – youngsters must know how to handle life, find solutions and be pro-active. In the dynamic and demanding environment we are living in, everyone’s eyes are turned to the School as an educational institution. It is the place to form a way of thinking in children from a very early age - and it should be such a way of thinking useful both for the economy of the future,
and the kids’ personal success and content.

The Education for Professions of the Future Forum shall bring forth ideas, among others:
• How a school day should look like today in order for the gained knowledge to be useful
• How the school curriculum should integrate building of skills the new world shall surely
• How to train teachers and principals in order to be able to provide the best support to their

The event will consist of three parts
• Conference - presentations and discussions from foreign and Bulgarian educational experts,
teachers, principals and representatives of business
• workshops for teachers and principals
• exhibition with modern educational products and services



  • Marc Prensky

    Marc Prensky Founder and executive director of the Global Future Education Foundation and Institute

    Marc Prensky is an internationally acclaimed speaker, writer, consultant, and innovator in the field of education. He is considered one of the world’s leading experts on the connection between learning and technology. Marc offers deep experience and insight into educating today’s youth and into using technology — including social media, virtual worlds, programming, games and apps — in powerful ways for learning.
  • Gary Stager

    Gary Stager Advocate for computer programming, robotics and learning-by-doing

    Gary Stager is an advocate for computer programming, robotics and learning-by-doing in classrooms. In 1990, Dr. Stager led professional development in the world’s first laptop schools and played a major role in the early days of online education. Dr. Stager is co-author of Invent To Learn – Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom called the "bible of the maker movement in schools," by Larry Magid of CBS and The San Jose Mercury News.
  • Maarit Rossi

    Maarit Rossi Mathematics teacher

    Maarit, a mathematics teacher from Finland, experienced an epiphany following a constructive learning seminar at Leeds University she attended with a group of compatriots. Aware that students found conventional maths teaching uninspiring, she developed a fresh approach. After testing it in schools across the country, she went on to co-author 9 Finnish maths curriculum textbooks.
    With a colleague she met on a Fulbright teaching exchange, Maarit produced Paths to Math, a website offering maths resources in three languages. She ran STEM subject projects for the Economic Information Bureau for Finnish Industry, forging close links with schools in other countries, and worked as Project Manager for the EU New Opportunities for Women programme.
  • Andreas Schleicher

    Andreas Schleicher Director for Education and Skills

    Andreas Schleicher is Director for Education and Skills, and Special Advisor on Education Policy to the Secretary-General at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris. As a key member of the OECD Senior Management team, Mr. Schleicher supports the Secretary-General’s strategy to produce analysis and policy advice that advances economic growth and social progress. He promotes the work of the Directorate for Education and Skills on a global stage and fosters co-operation both within and outside the OECD. In addition to policy and country reviews, the work of the Directorate includes the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), the OECD Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC), the OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS), and the development and analysis of benchmarks on the performance of education systems (INES).


8:30-9:00 - Registration and Welcome coffee

9:00 Official Opening
Galya Prokopieva, 
Managing Director of Economedia
Desislava Taliokova, ABF’s Executive Director

#Video message #Skills #PISA
Andreas Schleicher, Director for the Directorate of Education and Skills, OECD
Skills for the future

9:30-10:30 #Keynote #Curriculum #Future
Marc Prensky, Founder and executive director of the Global Future Education Foundation and Institute
Education to better their world. Unleashing the Power of 21st Century Kids

10:30-10:50 Coffee Break

10:50-11:50 #Business & Education #Ideas #Discussion
Ecosystem: How business and education can work together
Nikola Valchanov, Co-founder, Programista
Diana Parvanova, Principal, High School “Vasil Levski”, Razgrad
Petar Sharkov, Head of youth initiatives , Telerik Academy
Veneta Stoilova, HR Manager Global Operations Bulgaria at Sensata Technologies

11:50-12:30 #Where are we now #PISA #Mathematics #Science #Finland
Assen KjuldjievInstitute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy, Bulgarian Academy of Science
Study: The PISA results in science

Pavlin Petkov, Principal, The High School of Mathematics “Dr Petar Beron” – Varna
The importance of teaching mathematics

Maarit Rossi, Mathematics teacher, finalist for the “Global Teacher Prize 2016”
Paths to math

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-15:00 #Keynote #Maker movement #Robotics #Ideas for Teachers
Gary Stager, Advocate for computer programming, robotics and learning-by-doing
Knowledge is a Consequence of Experience

15:00-15:30 #Ideas for Teachers #Classrooms in Bulgaria
Successful teaching practices from Bulgaria
Alexander Angelov, Manager, Center for Creative Training
Snejina Masheva, Teacher of Information Technology and Robotics, High School “Nesho Bonchev”, Panagyurishte
Jordan Hodjev, Teacher of Natural Sciences, High School “St. St. Kiril I Metodij , Chelopech 

15:30-16:00 #Keynote #Innovations #Vision #Future
Ward van de Vijver, Expert of innovation in education
The skills of the future and how schools can respond to today’s challenges

16:00 Closing


16:30 – 18:00 Crafting a real 21st century education - beyond just “creativity" and “entrepreneurship"
Marc Prensky, Founder and executive director of the Global Future Education Foundation and Institute

16:30 – 18:00 Do the Real Thing - A Modern Approach to Project-based Learning​ 
Gary Stager, Advocate for computer programming, robotics and learning-by-doing

11:30 – 13:00 Our Money - how to teach financial literacy in school​
Krassimira Raycheva, 
Country Lead, Visa Europe for Bulgaria

Muzeiko offers a special visit to the children’s museum for teachers and principals, attending the conference "Education for Professions of the Future". During the visit the teachers and principals will learn more about the educational resources of the museum and the opportunities for collaboration with schools.

The visit will take place on April, 13. Please sign in for one of three possible groups at event@economedia.bg:
- 10 a.m.
- 11 a.m.
- 12 p.m.