10 March - 1 April 2017
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The event

Business Essentials is a business crash course for managers and entrepreneurs with three distinct levels:

Business Essentials 1 - Understand Your Business
Financial Management | Financial Analysis | Legal Framework | Strategy and Marketing
Course programme available here: capital.bg/BЕ1

Business Essentials 2 - Manage Your Business
Financial Management | Financial Analysis | Legal Framework | Strategy and Marketing
Course programme available here:  capital.bg/BE2

Business Essentials 3 - Grow Your Business
Business Strategy | Financial Management | Legal Framework | Human Resources

Each course level comprises 16 classes in two consecutive days. You can opt for all levels or a particular course level.

A business simulation exercise will be held as a bonus to all who opted for the entire course.


Tuition fees and signup
2500LV for the entire course
800LV per separate course level



10-11 March - Financial Management / BE3
Organic growth or growth through acquisition?
Business valuation
Financial analysis of mergers and acquisitions
Current balance and related financial operations
Company restructuring and financial impact of acquisitions
Legal and financial due diligence of mergers and acquisitions
Generation of stakeholder value in the event of acquisition or merger. Synergy analysis.
Financially improving and restructuring of a campaign
Exit strategy decision

17-18 March - Legal Framework: Restructuring / BE3
Types of company restructuring
Defining and selecting a type of restructuring
Preparation phase
Analysis, statement of intent and plan development
Specific details on mergers of same-group companies and independent companies
Exit strategy

24-25 March - Human Resources Management / BE3
Structure and hierarchy of a human resource department
Outsourcing - which processes to outsource, at what cost and how to manage risk
People development - competences, development plans and personal responsibility
Performance management and performance development - setting targets, continuity, feedback, common pitfalls, role cases
Communication transparency, shared knowledge, free access to internal data
Employee engagement

31 March - 1 April - Business Strategy / BE3
Strategic analysis and decision making
Implementation and implementation management of strategic decisions
Analysis and management of business risks
Strategic marketing and brand management
Big data analysis and development of USPs
Selection of strategic informational infrastructure
Basic principles and tools for developing a healthy corporate management


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