15 October 2017, Complex Hotel Flamingo, Ara Hall, Albena Resort, Bulgaria
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The event

Third Edition of the Conference Intelligent Municipalities Transformation
Intelligent Municipality i.e. Intelligent Way of Government

October 15, 2017, Complex Hotel Flamingo, Ara Hall, Albena Resort, Bulgaria

Part of the Annual Meeting of Local Authorities, Organized by the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria – 15-17 October, 2017

“Smart” does not just apply to given regions or cities - “smart” is an approach and a new method of governance. There is no doubt that not only major cities can be smart cities. A city with 10 000 population can also intelligently cope with the challenges. “Intelligent Municipalities Transformation” conference once again will be part of the Annual Meeting of Local Authorities, organized by the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria. It will present many examples of intelligent city environment through technological innovation: fast monitoring and response to disasters and emergencies by GIS systems, providing secure city environment by video surveillance, intelligent cloud map-making, smart, connected and analyzing information devices, communication solutions for the smart city, etc.

How the event was held last year



  • Tanya Hristova

    Tanya Hristova Mayor, Municipality of Gabrovo

  • Donka Michaylova

    Donka Michaylova Mayor, Municipality of Troyan

  • Yordan Yordanov

    Yordan Yordanov Mayor, Dobrich Municipality

  • Assoc. Prof. Eng. Ivaylo Simeonov

    Assoc. Prof. Eng. Ivaylo Simeonov Mayor, Elin Pelin Municipality

  • Plamen Tyutyunkov

    Plamen Tyutyunkov Public and Healthcare Sales Bulgaria, T-Systems Hungary

    Plamen Tyutyunkov is responsible for sales in the public sector and healthcare in T-Systems for Bulgaria. He has participated in the integration and deployment of hospital information systems in nearly 30 universities in Hungary. He is E-health expert in the team of T-Systems. Aims to offers his customers IT solutions that improves the quality of treatment.
  • Daniela Pesheva

    Daniela Pesheva State Expert, Directorate "Information Technologies", Ministry of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications

    Since 2009 to the present Mrs. Daniela Pesheva is part of the team of Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, with areas of activity: development of expert analyses, opinions and proposals relating to the development of ICT and broadband development and improvement of methodologies for eGovernment in the public administration; participation in the activities of the development of strategic documents in the field of ICT and proposals for legal acts linked to the implementation of e-government; coordination and participation in expert working groups in the field of eGovernment and the development of information society. Mrs. Pesheva is coordinator of the project ‘Increasing the qualification of staff at central level through improved knowledge and practical skills Management IT projects in line with current methodologies" implemented in 2015 with the financial support of the Operational Programme Administrative Capacity (OPAC) co-financed by the European Union through the European Social Fund. Before that she is part of the State Agency for Information Technology and Communications (2005-2009) as Expert, Directorate for European Integration and International Relations with commitments on development of the Bulgarian State positions on European integration in the field of Communications and Information Technology, participation in working groups, in the coordination and monitoring of integration, participation in the translation and editing of the European directives and other documents. Mrs. Daniela Pesheva is Mechanical engineer (Technical University of Sofia), Master Accounting and Control (Veliko Turnovo St. Cyril and St Methodius University) and Master of Public Administration (New Bulgarian University).
  • Hristina Dobreva

    Hristina Dobreva Chief Expert, Directorate "Information Technologies", Ministry of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications

    Since 2009 Mrs. Dobreva is Expert in the Information Technologies Directorate of the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications. Activities: supporting the participation of Bulgarian organizations in European framework programmes in the field of information and communication technologies, the dissemination of information, consultations of potential participants, preparation of statistics on Bulgarian participation in calls for proposals, development of expert analyses, comments and proposals related to the development of ICT, participation in working groups and initiatives of the European Commission, the Council of Europe, UNESCO and the expert working groups at national level. Representative of Bulgaria at the Editorial Board of the EC’s portal Your Europe and the European Language Resources Coordination Board, funded under the Connecting Europe Facility - Telecommunications Sector. She has experience in the implementation of EU projects and projects funded under the operational and national programmes in the area of ICT, e-government, e-infrastructures, education etc. Before that she was expert in the Directorate of Innovation and Project Management of the State Agency for Information Technology and Communications (2005-2009) with emphasis on supporting and stimulating projects in the field of R&D. Promoting the opportunities for participation and funding, mainly universities, institutes of the Bulgarian Academy of Science, small- and medium-sized enterprises and others. Mrs. Dobreva was expert in the Directorate Revenue, investments, marketing and research of the Agency "Development of Communications and of Information and Communication Technologies" where she participated in selection and evaluation procedures of small research projects proposals; Active participation in "i-Bulgaria" programme and it’s projects "i-class" and "i-university", "i-center", i-zone" etc.; Preparing information materials and reports on the website of the Agency. She is Master in journalism (Sofia University "St. Clement Ohridski").
  • Filip Radenovski

    Filip Radenovski Marketing Manager, Dahua Technology Bulgaria

    Filip Radenovski is a Marketing Manager at Dahua Technology Bulgaria with 10 years of experience in marketing and sales. He joins Dahua from the PolyComp team, where he holds the position of Product Manager of Bosch and HiWatch Security Systems. The main task in front of him is the imposition and development of the brand on our market.
  • Magdalena Boyanova

    Magdalena Boyanova Head of Mayor’s office, Municipality of Bansko

    Employee of Municipality of Bansko since 2009, as to the present she is Head of Mayor’s office and is responsible for the activities regarding HR, PR and Lawyer’s services. She is part of the municipal’s team that works on the process of administrative optimization, publicity and transparency. Magdalena Boyanova has а bachelor degree on "Insurance and social services" from UNWE Sofia.
  • Ailita Liteva

    Ailita Liteva Marketing Manager, LIREX

    Ailita has joined Lirex team three months ago as Marketing Manager. Previously she has been Marketing Manager at Toyota Balkans and Sales and Marketing Director of Auto Bavaria - the largest authorized dealer of the BMW, MINI & BMW MOTORRAD in Bulgaria. She has bachelor degree in International Finance and Trade from the University of Portsmouth, UK and master degree in Business Administration from American University in Bulgaria.
  • Eng. Kiril Radev

    Eng. Kiril Radev Andi BG

  • Lyubomir Kolev

    Lyubomir Kolev Gis Sofia Ltd.


1 SESSION. Local Authorities as Innovators
* Local authorities as stimulus for development and use of innovations Creating a modern environment in all settlements - the difference in the needs of small and big cities
* The role of PPP in the development of the smart city
* Development of settlements through the Rural Development Program
* The ordinary citizen as a controlling force and factor for development of intelligent settlements
* Building trust of the digital user through Open Data

2 SESSION. Better Conditions of Life in the Intelligent Settlements

* Cooperation between local authorities and the business of video surveillance - building video surveillance centers and exchanging data between the parties concerned
* GIS systems with capabilities for accident prevention (options for tracking dams
* The urban transport – the backbone of the smart city. Effective traffic control, smart traffic lights, etc.
* Management and control systems for street lighting
* The IoT concept and its place in the smart city – smart devices and applications for remote home management
* Intelligent communication connectivity as an engine for development the smart city – Internet coverage and telecommunications
* Good living conditions not only in the big regional centers, but also in the smaller settlements





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